ARMSTRONG 4380 ANSI 125 Ductile Iron Design Envelope Low Pressure Pump

New and complete. Never taken out of the box but for inspection and getting all the parameters from the stickers on the pump.Listing attributes filled from the info on the pump (also shown on the photos).Will be shipped very securely.

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  • Brand
  • MPN
  • Head
  • Motor Voltage
  • Motor Current
  • Flow
  • Electrical Supply
  • Max Temp
  • Max Set Speed
  • Motor Power
  • Duty Speed
  • Duty Line Current
  • Max Set Voltage
  • Press

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Condition: new

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Brand: Armstrong
MPN: 3174332
Head: 50 Ft
Motor Voltage: 380-480 V
Motor Current: 2.8-2.3 A
Flow: 35 US GPM
Electrical Supply: 460/3/60
Max Temp: 250 Deg F
Max Set Speed: 4950 RPM
Motor Power: 1.5 HP
Duty Speed: 4324 RPM
Duty Line Current: 2.8 A
Max Set Voltage: 480V
Press: 175 PSI

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